Royal Society of Biology Member Organisations collaborate on EDI, 10 February 2017

Equality and Diversity is a priority for the Royal Society of Biology (RSB) - see; and an example of a recent blog post 'Diversity in Science: creating an inclusive environment' (

As well as individual members the RSB has over 60 full Member Organisations (MOs) and we recently carried out a survey about their aspirations and activities in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. The aim was to inform and update the information and resources coordinated by the RSB, and to provide opportunities for the MOs to network, share ideas and build collaborative relationships.
Following the survey representatives from the MOs met to share their experiences and discuss future collaborative activities; this will include an event for MO staff and Trustees in May, with the aim of raising awareness of issues and success stories relating to the implementation of various equality and diversity initiatives and frameworks. In addition to the event, there will be two training courses – on disability and unconscious bias in May 2017. 
Discussions are also ongoing about holding further workshops and events both within the RSB and MO community, and with the wider biosciences community. Our aim is that fellow organisations will be able to share examples of best practice in improving equality, diversity and inclusion; for example when dealing with internal procedures, staff and governance structures; membership data collection and gender balance at prize nominations and scientific conferences.

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