Women in Mathematics Exhibition, 17 May 2017

Women in Mathematics is an exhibit consisting of photos and excerpts from interviews of thirteen women mathematicians throughout Europe.  It has been touring the UK this year, visiting CambridgeEdinburgh, London, Leicester Durham, York, Oxford, and Leeds.  It will be featured as part of the upcoming Greenwich Maths Time the IMA Festival of Mathematics and its Applications, to be held at the University of Greenwich on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 June, 2017.  One of the main themes of the festival is the diversity of people doing mathematics.  Events include talks by Aoife Hunt, “Jamming with Maths”, Nira Chamberlain  “Black Heroes of Mathematics” and Katie Steckles  “Maths Greatest Unsolved Puzzles” as well as various workshops, including “Maths in Style”, run by Takita Bartlett.

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